150amp Inverter Welder – 110v/32amp

150 Amp 110v (32 Amp) Kemppi Inverter Welder


The Minarc 151 is a lightweight MMA welding machine ideal for use in workshop and site environments. Minarc tolerates large fluctuations of input voltage making it excellent in field conditions with long cables or supply generators. Designed with portability and outdoor use in mind, the Minarc has a durable casing, ease of carry with its shoulder strap and well-protected control knobs. Protection against overload, over voltage, humidity and dust ingress gives excellent reliability. TIG welding is made possible with the scratch-TIG function. Minarc 151 is designed to be used with 110V site transformers.

The Minarc’s superior arc performance is based on high voltage reserves and automatic Arc Force. These guarantee that the arc will stay stable in all positions, with any current and even with extra long cables up to 50m. Automatic Hot Start gives perfect ignition in all conditions.

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