Aquatherm Electrofusion Box

Aquatherm Electro Fusion Machine

Suitable for use on the Aquatherm fusiotherm system

Dimension for Pipe: Ø 20-160 mm

Part number FP50175 for electrofusion sockets 17208 – 17230


  • Suited for PE, PP, and PVDF pipes, Hurner Electrofusion Welding Unit includes intuitive user menu, LCD display, electrodes, and bar scanning probe that automatically sets up welding parameters and identifies pipe, fittings, and welder.
  • Unit monitors welding process to detect errors such as heater coil shorts or power supply failure, and can record up to 1,800 welds in memory.
  • Operating on 110V, welder handles pipe fittings up to 28 in. dia

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