Electric Tee Drill 110v

T-Drill Tool (15 – 54mm)

The method is based on an extremely simple but brilliant idea. First, a pilot hole is drilled in the main tube. Then, the outlet is raised from the material surrounding the hole, and the branch pipe is inserted and sealed by brazing. This is easy to carry out because the outlet is so accurately formed that when brazed, the solder flows around the joint by itself under capillary action. A branch made in this way is very strong; it can well withstand the forces the pipe network is subjected to.

The secret of the T-DRILL lies in the T-DRILL head: it both drills and forms a outlet. The drill core is made of special hardened steel, and the forming pins are shaped so that they do not cause any breaks or metallurgical changes in the outlet, which would reduce the strength of the joint. The design of the T-DRILL head is basically very simple. It is robust, withstands heavy use and it is easy to service.

With T-DRILL your plumbing work is more profitable. After using it for one large project you will find out that it has paid for itself. See the attached cost comparison sheet between T-fitting and T-DRILL branch.

- No more costly tee fittings.
- No need to cut main line to insert fitting.
- Reduces labour by 60% by eliminating 2/3 of joints.

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