Freeze Master 110v 690E (15 – 54mm copper or 1/2″ – 2″ Steel)

The Freeze Master is easy to use. Just connect the purpose designed freeze heads to the pipework, upstream and down-stream of the area you want to work on. In as little as 5 minutes two solid ice plugs can be formed allowing you to carry out your repair quickly and efficiently. It will freeze copper, iron, lead or plastic pipes.

It is safe to use. You can leave the machine unattended and as long as it is connected to the mains, the freeze will continue indefinitely. Unlike a gas freezing method, where a cylinder may run out, there is no danger of ice melting and flooding.

The Freeze Master is not just an alternative to draining down. It represents a fast, clean, efficient and highly professional new service for you.

 The 690E is made to make building maintenance easy. Fitted with two high capacity freeze heads and supplied with pipe size reducers to freeze pipes from 8 mm up to 61 mm, it is ideal for the engineer who needs to tackle the larger industrial and commercial pipe sizes.

When you need to isolate a large pump, valve or other commercial component, the freezer heads will rapidly create two separate ice plugs so you can get down to work on the problem right away.