Novapress ‘EC03′ Machine Only 110v

The mapress pressfitting system is pressed with the matching mapress pressing tools. The same tool is used for stainless steel, unalloyed steel and copper.

The pressing profiles of the jaws and collars exactly match the pressfitting geometry. The pressing tools consist of a pressing unit and matching jaws or collars including adapters. There are different types of pressing unit to meet the requirements of each particular application.

Standard Equipment

  • Mains powered press-fit tool with carrying case.
  • (Copper set contains 67, 76 and 108mm collars plus adaptors)
  • (Steel set contains 76, 89 and 108mm collars plus adaptors)
  • Weight: 13.62 kg.

Other Details

Electromechanical Pressing Units:
Models: EFP2 and ECO1 (ODs from 12 to 54 mm) ECO 3 (ODs from 12 to 108 mm).


In the interests of the trade, and at the suggestion of the ZVSHK (German Heating, Plumbing and Air Conditioning Federation), the models supplied by some leading pressing system manufacturers have been designed to ensure interchangeability.

Depending on the jaws and collars fitted to these machines it is possible to use them on multiple profiles such as Mapress, Xpress and Sanha. It should be noted however that the 67mm Mapress collar is not compatible with either the Xpress or Sanha systems but the correct collar will always be supplied for the profile being used.

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