NovoPress Cordless Pressfit Machine

NovoPress Cordless Machine ACO201 (15 – 35mm)

The mapress pressfitting system is pressed with the matching mapress pressing tools. The same tool is used for stainless steel, unalloyed steel and copper.

The pressing profiles of the jaws and collars exactly match the pressfitting geometry. The pressing tools consist of a pressing unit and matching jaws or collars including adapters. There are different types of pressing unit to meet the requirements of each particular application.

Standard Equipment

  • Press-fit tool with rechargeable battery, charger,
  • carrying case and 4 x press-fit jaws (15, 22, 28 and 35 mm).
  • Weight: 21.00 kg.

Other Details

The different designs EFP2, ECO1, ACO1 and ECO3 are categorised in terms of the method of actuation:

  • Electromechanical Pressing Units:
  • Models: EFP2 and ECO1 (ODs from 12 to 54 mm) ECO 3 (ODs from 12 to 108 mm).
  • Cordless Electromechanical Pressing Units:
  • Models: ACO1 and ACO3 (ODs from 12 to 54 mm).

Jaws & Collars

  • Each pressing unit has matching quickchange jaws and collars for the different pipe ODs:
  • Jaws – ODs from 12 to 35 mm.
  • Collars with adapters – ODs from 42 to 108 mm.


In the interests of the trade, and at the suggestion of the ZVSHK (German Heating, Plumbing and Air Conditioning Federation), the models supplied by some leading pressing system manufacturers have been designed to ensure interchangeability.

The compatibility declaration lists the following mapress pressing units: EFP2, ECO1 and ACO1 The design of the pressing units ECO3 means they may only be used for the mapress pressfitting system. To ensure the reliability of the mapress pressfitting system and avoid installation defects, we recommend staying within the system and only using its components.


The design of the jaws, collars and adapters means they can only be used with the matching pressing units. The reliability of the mapress pressfitting connections has been tested and certified with mapress pressing jaws and collars (including adapters) to DVGW Code of Practice W 534, DVGW Test Guidelines VP 614, ÖVGW G1-TR-GAS (Austria) and SVGW-W/TPW 132 (Switzerland). We have not tested other makes of pressing jaws for compatibility with the mapress pressfitting system.


The pressing profiles of the jaws and collars must be free from dirt and deposits. Clean with an agent such as methylated spirit. Follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions and service the pressing tools regularly. To avoid invalidating the warranty and ensure a reliable pressfitting connection, the pressing tools have to be regularly checked and maintained. This is described in detail in the operating instructions for the tools under Safety, Maintenance and Repairs. The customer receives a service record to certify that this work has been carried out, and an annual service sticker with the next service date is affixed to the pressing tools.

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