G.F. ‘SG160′ Socket and Butt Fusion Machine

GF SG160 Socket and Butt Fusion Tool

Butt Welding Suitable for PE, and PVDF Sizes from 32mm to 160mm

Socket Fusion Welding Suitable for PE, PB, PP and PVDF Siozes 16mm to 110mm

For additional information download the data sheet


  • The SG160 combined socket and butt fusion tool is a convenient and compact workshop or site tool providing versatile options for use
  • As a butt fusion tool it includes motorized parallel planing of the pipe ends, and a heating element with exchangeable PTFE cover sheets
  • When used for socket fusion welding, it features motorized peeling and chamfering. Heating surfaces are PTFE coated
  • All tools have an on/off switch and a digital temperature display
  • 110v

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